Tips to be great on phone

Learn the callers business language

Research into the sector and use similar phrases to build trust.

Match the customers approach

If they are in a hurry tell them you appreciate this. If you have to get other help, let them know a time estimate.

Answer the call after 2 rings and before 6

Believe it or not most people do not expect to be answered on the first ring and are often not ready.

Don’t hang up first, let the caller

If you hang up you might miss. "Oh by the way" i.e. an opportunity (30% of people do this!).

Sound lively, interested and efficient

This is the impression your client has of you, your colleagues and your company.

Have open questions ready in case of a pause

A pause of longer then 10 seconds is unacceptable to a caller as it seems longer. Have some questions prepared or a list of non contentious things to talk about.

Never assume callers are like you

Comments on race, religion, politics or even sport might cause an issue if the caller has different views.

Don’t worry about a good vocabulary

If you use difficult words, it may well inhibit others from grasping what you are saying. Ordinary conversation actually uses a very restricted vocabulary.

Don’t say "I don’t know"

If you are unsure or don’t know an answer, tell the caller “I’ll find out and get back to you”.

Be an active listener to build trust

Listening is critical on the phone. Acknowledge the callers comments with, “ok”, “I understand”, “yes” to show you are interested and listening.

Dear Carly

“Curaytor loves Carly! We’ve been able to ensure that every customer talks to a real human being when they call us. As simple as that sounds, it makes all the difference in the world when your standards are to deliver a great experience for all of your customers. Life is better with Carly.”

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